Please see below some of the excellent developers we have worked with over the years

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Having known John for over 20 years I have no hesitation in recommending his service. A very inventive mind with skills developed over the course of 50 years. 

I quite often think back to the early days when as a budding tackle developer we would often spend hours talking on the phone. If you do decide to use John’s services have no doubt that he will apply himself fully to the task ahead. One of the biggest influences of my career, and never to busy to stop for a chat

Jay Cater 

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There were many times during the early development stage of the Attx alarm where but for John I would have given in. His drive and determination were one of the main factors in us being able to get to market. Never too busy to answer the phone and always Willing to listen you will not go far wrong by using his services total dedications and I have no hesitation in endorsing his services

Tom Wright

James Harrison

Unique people are a rarity. John O'Driscoll is one such person. John's road to uniqueness started by chance when he happened to be fishing with the likes of Kevin Maddocks and Lenny Middleton. This was one of the most innovative times for carp fishing and paved the way for everything that followed. John has been influential in many product lines from end tackle to bite alarms. He is adept at problem solving and seeing things 'deeper' than the average person. John is always someone I would turn to for a second opinion and more often than not significant improvements have been made with his input.